Thursday, January 31, 2008

30/366 Dylan

It's was positively frigid out today. We had a January thaw the start of the week, but Tuesday evening the temp dropped 35 degrees in a couple hours. Of course the melting snow and rain froze solid on the roads, and the couple inches of snow we got didn't help. Traffic was going every which way but where it was supposed to go and the wind chill was below zero. Aside from going out late in the day for a seminar meeting, we pretty much stayed home. Late in the day, we were huddled around the fireplace trying to stay warm.

This was taken in available light, and while it is a little softer than I like, I think it captures the feeling of the day.

29/366 Big Brother

Since I work for a company that is across the country from me, I need to go out of town for a week or two at a time. We bought this so my wife and I could try video rather than just a straight phone call. We haven't used them yet.

Thinking further on this, it is amazing what people will stream across the internet or put up on youtube. This internet revolution we are in the middle of has changed what people think of as privacy and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with it.

Of course the latest craze to put cameras everywhere to try to catch scofflaws doesn't help either. I'm sort of wondering what George Orwell would think.

28/366 Spyder

The last time I printed out some of my photos, they seemed way too warm to me. I don't calibrate my system often enough and I'm hoping it helps.

27/366 Pukewar

As I was leaving the UICA after developing some film, I drove by this wall. Of course I had to get a photo of it. Wall art and some graffiti can be simply gorgeous.

26/366 Guitar

We try to do music in my house, my wife way more successfully than I. This is one of her guitars, a simply stunning instrument.

25/366 Tigger

I got to the end of the day and I was contemplating what to shoot. While I was doing that, our oldest cat came up and started demanding attention. Those of you with cats know what that can be like. Since I had a ready subject, he got his photo taken. It's a little flatter than I would have liked, but I thought it turned out reasonably well.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

24/366 Moon

We had blue skies for once, and the moon was out. Since I had tried to take a picture of it earlier in the week and didn't care for it, I just had to try it again.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

23/366 Canoes

Walking into the local mall, I saw this in the window of Dicks Sporting Goods. More properly kayaks, I liked the colors and the shadows.

22/366 Pay Phone

I was working on an assignment for a class I'm taking and I came across a place where a phone used to be. There was a line of booths where these used to be with 5 empty and one still there. I borrowed the phone book from the booth that still had the phone to use as a prop.

21/366 Books

Some reference books I use for my real job. I got to the end of the day again and had nothing. This a photo a day stuff is tougher than I thought.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Solo Photo Book Month or SoPhoBoMo

I saw a link on The Online Photographer to someone who's trying to get a National Solo Photo Book month going. This is meant to be a complement to similar projects for writers and musicians. The idea is to pick a a period of 30 days that start no earlier than April 1st and ends by May 31st. Pick an idea and come up with 35 images during that period. Using the available tools that are out there, assemble those images into a pdf file and announce it. Somewhat low key, but it sounds interesting. I may have to come up with a project idea and try it. A link to the original post:

20/366 Sledding

I was out in the pursuit of an idea I had for a photograph when I came across this group of sledders. Their isolation on the field of white struck me as well as their tenacity. It was another single digit temperature snowy day and personally, I didn't go out much. I tried vignetting the edges to draw the attention away from the bright white edges. I'm not sure I like it.

19/366 Mike

Mike and I went out to burn up some film in our 4x5 cameras. We could have picked a better day for it. It was cold and snowy, but the sun would peek out once in a while. Hopefully we got some good shots.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

18/366 They're Everywhere

I remember when you really couldn't find a good cup of coffee anywhere. Then Barnes and Noble came into the area and started serving Starbucks. Now between Starbucks, Beaners and the independents, there is no reason not to fulfill your coffee fix whenever.

17/366 Back to the Future

I have a new toy to play with, a Shen Hao 4x5 Field Camera. While I've had a monorail camera, I didn't use it as much as I wanted, it was always a pain to get out. It is an old Orbit monorail with a 24" rail. It sits in a beat up metal box. While I could put everything I need in the box with the camera, it pretty much filled the trunk of my car. I'm hoping that since this is smaller and lighter, that I will use it more.

So far I've run some old expired Polaroid film through it and taken a couple of pictures of the house. Mike and I are going out Saturday and burn some real film though. I'll post a couple once I get them developed.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

16/366 Dennis

Dennis Grantz, Director of Youth Programs for the West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology.

Dennis has been a long time photography instructor, artist and all around good guy in the Grand Rapids area. He was my first photography instructor and I always looked forward to his class. Since then, we bump into each other once in a while and I was delighted to see him as a speaker for the Grand Rapids Camera Club on Wednesday.

He talked about his new job, and what he does for a bit. He then moved into how he looks at art when he judges a show and gave a few tips. I actually learned a few new things from him. All in all, he was his usual engaging self and I think the group enjoyed his talk.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Michigan Primary, we got screwed....

Yesterday, Michigan held it's primary for this election year. Michigan tried to get a bigger voice in the next election and held the primary much earlier than before. The feeling is that Iowa and New Hampshire, both being small states and neither one an industrial state had too much say in the election.

Well, the major parties didn't like us trying to rain on those two states parade.

The Democrats, disavowed our primary, says we now have no seats in picking the next Democratic candidate and even canceled the Michigan Democratic parties hotel reservations at the convention. Most of the major candidates withdrew their name from the primary, except for Hillary, who didn't even campaign in the state.

The Republicans at least let us have a primary, though they are only letting us keep half our usual delegates. We saw several of the candidates blow through the state, with the usual promises that they care about us.

I'm so disgusted with the whole mess, I may even sit out the November election.

15/366 Class Tour

I'm taking a studio/product photography class at the local college.  The instructor has given us an assignment to photograph the Applied Technology Center and make it look "beautiful".  He thinks it is a sterile looking building and I would have to agree with him.  The building is all concrete, glass, pipes and a lot of straight lines.  He led the class on a tour of the building, so we could get familiar with it.

14/366 Steelcase Light

Another day when I couldn't get out during the day.  After it got dark, I manage to get out on the east side of town.  I was trying to get a photo I liked of the Steelcase pyramid, but I didn't care for any of the shots I got.  I did get a photo of one of the lights in the drives leading to the building.  They are interesting and somewhat different than what you normally see in a company's building.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

13/366 Reading

I was walking through the lodge at Starved Rock and came across this gentleman making himself comfortable. An hour later I walked by again and he was sleeping. The lodge was busy, with people walking past and talking in the immediate area. I guess some people can be comfortable anywhere.

Since the Bald Eagle winters in Starved Rock, I was hoping to have a picture of one of those instead. However, there are not a lot in the area because it is actually too warm. The river in the area is high and most of the eagles have moved to lakes and tributaries instead. It's easier fishing. The day was also very hazy and overcast. I did see an eagle flying across the river and later in the day, two of the birds perched in a tree on an island in the middle of the river. No good photos though.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

12/366 Starved Rock

I spent the day with the folks of the Midwest Large Format Asylum. The had a mini-conference, where members showed their work and basically talked photography. I learned a lot and met a lot of folks I had talked to on-line, but never met. I took a few minutes to step outside and take a picture of the formation the park is named after.

11/366 On the Road

Another long day with no time to use the camera. Spent 4 hours after the work day ended driving to Oglesby, Il. The Midwest Large Format Asylum is having a mini-meetup Saturday at Starved Rock State Park. Took this after I checked in so at least I would have something for the day.

Friday, January 11, 2008

10/366 Mailboxes

Out at lunch for a walk and I came across this set of mailboxes with the flag up. I only had my point and shoot with me, so it's not quite framed the way I would like it to be, but it worked out.


Another photograph from Wednesday night at Ada. The more I look at this photo, the more I like it. It has good lines and I like the shadow of the bench. A somewhat simple shot, but sometimes simpler is better.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

9/366 Balancing

The Grand Rapids Camera Club board meeting was Wednesday night. Afterwards, a bunch of us went down to the covered bridge in Ada. I got several shots I liked, but I had to publish this. Leda had jumped up on the rail and was walking, when I asked her to stop. She stood there and balanced for the whole 8 second exposure.

8/366 Light

I had a tough day trying to come up with an image. I really didn't like much of what I took. I finally settled on this, which is a light at a Panera Bread. I was trying to get the light exposed correctly. It didn't hurt much that I like the lampshade.

7/366 Sidewalk

They are building a new hospital complex in town. While the hospital opened up the middle of 2007, they are still working on roads and buildings around the property. There are plenty of instances of lit roads like this in the middle of a field with no buildings for a 50 yards in any direction. Sometimes I wonder why they keep all the lights going, but it makes for an interesting photograph.

Monday, January 7, 2008

6/366 Foggy Farm

Two things I think I'm weak at photographically are landscapes and foggy/dreary days. Since the weather warmed up dramatically today, it was extremely foggy out. I decided to go out to see what I could do. While I didn't get a landscape per-se that I liked, I did like the look of this farm.

5/366 Texaco

A friend and I went to the Kalamazoo Air Zoo Saturday to see if we could get some photos.

I think I got some good shots, this being one of them. However next time I need to take a monopod or tripod. The display room is pretty dark.

Skating Room

Another photo that was taken while I was out Friday evening. This is a room in the Grand Rapids Art Museum they use where people can rent skates.

4/366 Skating

Out and about with a few friends. We ended up at the Rosa Parks Amphitheater in downtown Grand Rapids, where the have created an ice rink for the winter.

I took a few shots, but the one I liked the best was this very blurry shot. I like the energy, the movement and the colors.

Another shot I may crop and reupload. I'm sort of undecided about the upper background and if it really needs to be in the photo.

3/366 Bow

I was out at lunch with the camera and came across this fence line on a golf course. They had decorated the whole fence with these bows. I picked a spot where I liked the background and got this shot. It being primarily monochrome anyway, I converted it to black and with but left the bright red bow.

After uploading it and looking at it for a while, I may crop it differently. You may see it again.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2/366 Keyboard

Back to work after a week and a half off while the company was shut down for the holidays. It's the first time in quite a while I had a lot of time off this time of year. I usually like working the week between Christmas and New Years, since it is so quiet and I could get a lot done.

Whatever I came down with is still hanging on, though it is getting better. I'm spending less time in the bathroom.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


First image of the new year. It was kind of tough, I've been either in the bathroom or on the couch all day. Something I ate yesterday didn't agree with me. I can already hear the skeptics out there. We actually had a pretty quiet evening last night, with a little wine at midnight.

A Start

I going to try to do the whole a picture every day for 2008. We will see if I can stick with it.