Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Michigan Primary, we got screwed....

Yesterday, Michigan held it's primary for this election year. Michigan tried to get a bigger voice in the next election and held the primary much earlier than before. The feeling is that Iowa and New Hampshire, both being small states and neither one an industrial state had too much say in the election.

Well, the major parties didn't like us trying to rain on those two states parade.

The Democrats, disavowed our primary, says we now have no seats in picking the next Democratic candidate and even canceled the Michigan Democratic parties hotel reservations at the convention. Most of the major candidates withdrew their name from the primary, except for Hillary, who didn't even campaign in the state.

The Republicans at least let us have a primary, though they are only letting us keep half our usual delegates. We saw several of the candidates blow through the state, with the usual promises that they care about us.

I'm so disgusted with the whole mess, I may even sit out the November election.

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