Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Watch This

This video from photographer Zack Arias popped up last week. It's been rapidly making its way around the net, it says a lot of cool things. It really starts about a third of the way in.

I've been thinking about it since its been released, and if I can get my thoughts together, we'll talk about this some more.

Edit: I just noticed that on my Mac the video doesn't work in the blog post very well. A direct link to the video is below.

Edit : Transform

Friday, February 20, 2009

SoFoBoMo 09

The 2009 version of the Solo Photo Book Month has been announced. Actually, it's been official for a while now, and quite a few people have signed up.

The premise is to pick a subject, a 30 day span sometime in May or June, photograph the subject and produce a book. You only have the 30 days to photograph and make the book, so there is some time pressure there. Hopefully I will get the book part done this year.

Sign up here...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Being Wise

The TED talks continue to resonate with me, this one more than most....


There are sometimes I can't believe what people will do, whether it's for a good cause, money or just for the kicks.

Last Saturday, Rockford held its annual Sweetheart Splash. This is a "jump in freezing water for a good cause" kind of event. Hosted by the Rockford Rotary and emceed by a local TV weatherman, they raised money for the North Kent Service Center. It only ran about 45 minutes or so, but they had a good selection of participants and a good crowd.

The participants competed for trophies in 3 divisions. There was a singles division, a couples division and a team division. The photo above is the local Jiffy Lube team and they ended up winning the team division. The event ended up with the emcee jumping in after the crowd collected $1000 on top of what was already donated.

I haven't heard what the total take was, but they appeared to be getting a good set of donations from the crowd. A good time was had by all, but you sure wouldn't get me to jump in that water this time of year.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Where are all the street photographers?

The local art museum is hosting an exhibition called "Andre Kertesz: On Reading". Andre Kertesz was a photographer who started in the early 1900's, and photographed into the 1980's. A well known local photographer gave a talk about the exhibit this past Friday as part of an ongoing series. After listening to the talk and walking through the exhibit, I noticed that while confined to a single topic of people reading, the photos could be thought of as street photography. They were all candid photos, taken in public places. While they didn't fit a strict definition of what is being called street photography, I considered them to be part of that genre.

This is the second exhibit I've seen at the museum from photographers in the late 1900's, who photographed a slice of life. People going about their business, doing mostly mundane things. They show how people, in the whole, haven't changed much. But there are surprising changes over the years. Maybe today, they would be called photo-journalists rather than street photographers.

I look at a lot of magazines. Bookstores are great places nowadays, you can go in, grab a magazine or two and read them while you have a cup of coffee. I tend to take advantage of that fact and keep up on the photography magazines. When the year end comes by, they all tend to show their picks of the best photography of the year. I've noticed that very little of it, if any, is slice of life stuff. They tend to be, especially nowadays, heavily saturated, stylized, works which usually have very little connection with real life. I know people are still out there, photographing the daily routines of people, but where are they? Why aren't they getting any recognition?

Or am I just missing them?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Random Links

If you've been following the news lately, you know there's been a dustup about the photograph Shepard Fairey based his iconic poster of Barrack Obama on. The latest news is the Associated Press is asking for money. Here is an interview with Mannie Garcia, the photographer who took the photo. It's an interesting question about fair use and when copyright comes into play.

Penn and Teller explain the basics of sleight of hand.

I've always been a big Springstein fan, since I first bought Born to Run. However I'm generally not a fan of live concerts, for example, I didn't really think much of his performance during the Super Bowl. However here is a clip from a 1975 concert in London of Thunder Road that makes me want to go buy the album.

Another 43 folders clip, here's Merlin Mann talking about Patterns of Creativity at MacWorld.

For the casual photographer, here is Photo Perfect Express. It looks like and easy way to process your digital photographs without a big learning curve. I haven't tried it yet, it only works on Windows.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Muskegon Ice

Mike got in touch yesterday and wanted to go photograph the lake ice at the lighthouse in Muskegon. It turned out to be a wonderful afternoon and a great sunset. We both went through some film in our 4x5's and I was able to try out a 90mm lens I had just picked up. I did miss the first quarter of the Super Bowl, but since I just watch it for the ads, it was no big deal.