Friday, February 6, 2009

Random Links

If you've been following the news lately, you know there's been a dustup about the photograph Shepard Fairey based his iconic poster of Barrack Obama on. The latest news is the Associated Press is asking for money. Here is an interview with Mannie Garcia, the photographer who took the photo. It's an interesting question about fair use and when copyright comes into play.

Penn and Teller explain the basics of sleight of hand.

I've always been a big Springstein fan, since I first bought Born to Run. However I'm generally not a fan of live concerts, for example, I didn't really think much of his performance during the Super Bowl. However here is a clip from a 1975 concert in London of Thunder Road that makes me want to go buy the album.

Another 43 folders clip, here's Merlin Mann talking about Patterns of Creativity at MacWorld.

For the casual photographer, here is Photo Perfect Express. It looks like and easy way to process your digital photographs without a big learning curve. I haven't tried it yet, it only works on Windows.

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