Friday, March 28, 2008

SoFoBoMo Update

While I haven't written about this in a bit, it hasn't totally escaped my attention. I've been keeping up with what else is being written out there and actually joined the flickr SoFoBoMo group.

A lot of other bloggers are much more organized than I am, one person even has a daily photo log up so he can track his progress online.

Since my start date is most likely being pushed back until the end of April for the project I've picked, I'm not too worried. The actual date depends on the weather, I would like the trees to at least have a hint of green on them. However, in the midwest US, we are still getting snow at times.

I may decide in the near future to do a second project, one I can start earlier and get done relatively quickly. I'm still mulling over the idea.

As far as equipment goes, I know some folks are posting pictures of their cameras. I'm afraid since I'm using pretty common equipment, a Canon 30D and their 28-135 mm lens, I'm not going to do that. I have a couple of other lens I will probably use also, we'll see. Since I'm going to try geotagging these shots also, I will be carrying around a handheld gps also.

I'm still trying to get my options sorted out for the print on demand vendor I'm going to be using.

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