Friday, May 8, 2009

The Apple Trees

While I haven't been getting out as much as I hoped to work on my sofobomo photos, it seems that when I do, I'm concentrating on the apple trees in the park. Part of this is I know that the blossoms only last about a week before they are gone. A bigger part is that I grew up next to an orchard, where we had the run of the place all year round. So the sights and smells of the trees take me to a happy place, at least for a bit.

Since on top of Mothers day, we are going to have more lousy weather, I walked through the park first thing this morning. A quiet morning, with a woman being dragged along for a walk by her two labs, a couple of other walkers and the rooster on the nearby farm crowing in the background. Not any clouds in the sky, but there is a haze in the air. I tend to like morning light to photograph by, so it was a good walk.

A couple random thoughts.

Yesterday was Edwin Lands 100th birthday. The genius who perfected instant photography, it's a shame what's become of his company. Looking over a series of quotes attributed to him, one struck me.

"Creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity. "

Then there is Miru Kim's TED talk. She is an urban explorer who "follows the rats". She's explored countless cities subways and catacombs, starting with New York. While I really like her photography, I'm not sure I could do what she does. Note the video does have some nudity, so it's probably not safe for work.

If you're into trains, Saturday May 9th is National Train Day.

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