Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snow, or lack thereof...

It really has been a strange winter.  Once we got over our pretty much snowless December, I really wanted some snow to come and stick.   Instead we've gotten a little bit of snow that melts in a couple of days.  While great for driving, it's not so good for photographers and the businesses that depend on snow.

These were taken earlier in January.  We had just gotten a snowfall.  There was no wind, and the big flakes were just staying on whatever they hit.  I was in the middle of preparing to head west to the left coast the next morning, but I decided I had to get out and photograph.  I spent a couple of hours out, and just used my Fuji X100 point and shoot camera.   That is the reason for the 16x9 crop, it's what I have as default on that camera.  A good time.

Of course, now that Groundhog day is here, I want winter to be over.  While I wouldn't mind a day or two of snow, it can remain above freezing as far as I am concerned.

Hope your Groundhog day goes well and you get what snow you want.

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