Sunday, September 6, 2009

London - Random Photos

Some more photos from London.

The Millenium Bridge across the Thames. Built in 2000, it is the first new bridge in 100 years. It is a walking bridge only, this is the ramp from the ground. The church in the background across the river is St. Paul's.

Yet another evening shot of Big Ben.

The white coat caught my eye. It turns out he worked at a meat plant and was taking a smoking break.

I was kind of surprised to find a bit of beach on the Thames in the middle of London. I was really more surprised that people could get to it and use it. There was a stretch of sand sculptures with blankets set out for people to throw contributions down. The beach was about 15 feet below the walkway. There were a lot of street artists out, and this was just another one.

The remains of an old dock. I would have liked to get lower, but there was a somewhat modern looking ship anchored off the end of it. Part of me wondered how old it was and what history it had seen.

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