Tuesday, December 28, 2010

St. Joseph Lighthouse

I ran down to the St. Joseph lighthouse Sunday evening since I had heard the walkway around the outer light had fallen. It had, and there was a nice coating of ice on it as well.

I tried to walk out to the outer light, but since there hasn't been much snow this year on the west side of Michigan, the pier was just glare ice. That and the water being kicked up over the pier made me decide that I didn't want the photograph that much.

I grabbed a long lens, and just shot from the beach. The sun was playing hide and seek behind the clouds, but the light was still good. I wanted to stay later, even thought there wasn't going to be a nice sunset, but I had left my tripod at home. I was going back later this week, but the weather report is rain and forty degree temperatures. That will pretty much ruin the coating of ice for a while. Since there is plenty of winter left, I'm sure I'll make it back down there again.

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windandbigwaves said...

didn't you take this on the22nd?