Sunday, February 10, 2008

40/366 Sue

A group of us got together and had a photo scavenger hunt.

The rules were simple. You had to use a 24 shot roll of film.

It was fun, though it felt weird shooting subjects off the cuff and knowing that you're limited to the number of exposures you get on the roll. I shoot black and white film quite a bit and that doesn't seem so limited. I guess because with those shots I'm doing more planning.

For this we got together in the morning, had coffee/breakfast and everyone put a few subjects on the list. We then broke up into teams with a time to meet later in the afternoon.

We actually gave ourselves too much time, I was done in a couple of hours. The film then went to a one-hour photo place to get developed. After I got it back, I remembered why I didn't care much to shoot color film. The colors were not great, and a lot of it looked flat. But since this was just a record of what I saw it really didn't matter.

We probably could have done this using our digital cameras, but I think it's slightly more challenging using film.

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buddhageek said...

Still waiting for a picture of the Steelcase pyramid.