Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SoFoBoMo Planning

After reading a few of the other blogs that are posting about this, I realized I hadn't really thought this through.

I've pretty much picked my subject, though I'm still mulling a few others yet. Part of my problem picking the subject and the start date is what the weather does. April in Michigan can still be quite wet and miserable. While I tend to be a fair weather photographer and I know I need to get out in inclement weather, I'm not sure I want to start with this project. I may have to wait until closer to May before I start. Unless I pick a different subject.

I will be using a digital SLR for this. While I would love to use my new 4x5 camera, I'm not sure I'm familiar enough with the work flow to get 35 images out in a month.

My three options at the moment for putting the book together is Open Office, scribus or Apples Pages. I've used OO for basic word processing and spreadsheet, but I really struggle with it at times. I'm also unsure about how it will handle images. Scribus, I've never really used, so it is out of the running. That pretty much leaves Pages. I haven't done a whole lot with it, but I played with it enough that putting together the book seems relatively easy. Of course until I actually do it, I really don't know. I could be in for a rude awakening.

I've read a couple comments about people not knowing how Pages handle color spaces, but I guess we'll see.

I suppose I could buy Indesign or whatever Adobe is calling it these days, but I can't see spending the money for something I would only use once or twice a year.

As far as the actual design of the book, I've decided on a pretty sparse format with a lot of white space. Each spread will have the photo on the right side page while the left side will have the title, exposure info and geolocating info if I get it. If I can come up with some narrative about the image, that will go there also. I need to figure out a cover design along with a frontpiece.

Since I probably will want a hard copy of the book, just for my own vanity, I need to start looking at Print On Demand options. The company I pick will influence page size and paper. That should be interesting.

More later.

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Gordon said...

On the tagging, search able tags stuff, (I saw a comment on auspicious dragon that you'd made)

Your tags need to be broken up with commas, not spaces. That'll make them unique tags, rather than one large string.