Monday, April 21, 2008


Catching up a bit.

A week ago, I attended an informal meetup of folks in the area who read the strobist blog. It was held in a building in Sagautuck Michigan which is being finished for the Sagautuck Brewing Company. There were a bunch of photographers and a few models.

They split the groups up, with the photographers being divided up based on equipment. Usually there were 4 or so photographers to one model. For a variety of reasons I ended up leaving my first group and attaching myself to another. The gentleman who was sort of running the group was very helpful and informative. He would also answer any questions about how he was setting up the lights.

Liz, the model we were working with was also very helpful, especially to someone who had never really worked with models before.

I really like this photo I got of her. It has been suggested that I Photoshop the lights that are above her head out. I'm still mulling that over. I like the indications that we are in a unfinished building, but I also think it's a little too subtle. If I do anything more with this, I will probably get rid of them.

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