Thursday, April 3, 2008


I see that SoFoBoMo has officially kicked off, at least as officially as it can. I'm still trying to figure out when to start my book and whether I'm going to do something local first. Gordon McGregor has used Yahoo Pipes to create a kind of superfeed of blogs and pictures of people working on a book. See it in action here. Pipes is definitely something I'm going to have to look at.

I also ran across an article from someone who ran some tests on image stabilization techniques. He tested a Nikon system, an Olympus system and a handheld Leica. With all the hype about in camera stabilization, it's somewhat surprising that the Nikon system using a lens based system beat the Olympus. Of course, the best photograph was produced using a tripod, but that doesn't really surprise me. The article is here.


Gordon said...

As a comment on the pipes thing, you can also hit the 'Get as a Badge' button and select Blogger and it'll embed the pipes feed into your blog layout.

You can see how that looks at the top left of my own blog.

Dion said...

I am not surprised that the lens VR is better than the in camera one. The reason in camera has been talked about so much is purely because it is a cheap way to add image stabilisation to all your lenses in one go.

In lens stabilisation is going to be tuned to that lens, so it is not surprising that it provides better performance; and also has the benefit of stabilising the image in the view finder. Also, I believe the longer the lens gets, the bigger the gap between in body and lens stabilisation gets.

Now if only Nikon/Canon would add an in body system that switches off when a high quality stabilised lens is attached. :)