Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Darrell Gulin - Canon Explorer of Light

I organized a seminar for our camera club. We started, and I mean we, back in July of 2007. There were 5 of us trying to get this going and a sixth joined us later. We put up 100 posters around town, distributed flyers and sent out 900 flyers to camera club people in Michigan. We put notices on flickr for the local groups and emailed camera clubs. We got far less folks attending than I expected. It's disappointing. While we did pull people in from over an hour away and one couple drove up from Ft. Wayne Indiana, we just held it too late in the year. We were competing with too much other summer stuff.

I'm unsure what we could have done different for advertising. We definitely need to get more exposure from the local newspaper. Once everyone has time to think, I'm going to get everyone together one last time and go over lessons learned.

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Kevin said...

I was at first interested in attending this event, but there was no way I could spare a whole day for it. If it was only a few hours, fine. But not a whole day. It did sound interesting though.