Friday, June 20, 2008

MPG Musings

Speeds on the highways are starting to creep up again. I noticed that once gas prices hit over $4 per gallon, everyone slowed down. Now that folks are getting used to it, they are going faster again. It's funny though, the ones that seemed to have gotten used to it the fastest are the ones who own the biggest vehicles. I've noticed that I seem to get my doors blown off regularly by Hummers and Tahoes.

I've managed to keep my speed down so far. Filling up yesterday, I realized by doing so, I increased my gas mileage. By keeping my speed down, I got over 30 mpg. I need to keep checking, but if I can keep it up, that means one less tank of gas every two and a half months. At over $50 a tank for gas, that's an extra $300 per year. Now all I need to do is continue to try to cut down on my driving. I still tend to take too many trips.

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