Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What Remains

I watched the documentary about Sally Mann titled "What Remains" last evening. This was actually my second time seeing it, I managed to watch it when it first came out on HBO two or three years ago.

I've been impressed with this artist since I first found out about her and the show only deepens that respect. She has a deep love for her family that clearly comes across on the show, and she has a commitment to her art that I don't think I would ever be able to match.

While I don't care for a some of her work, a lot of it I like. I am especially fascinated that she is using an old technique called wet plate collodion to create her latest work. This is a process using glass plates that are coated and have to be exposed and developed while they are still wet.

Very recommended, if you get a chance to see it, do so. It is currently running on the Ovation channel. Warning, there is some nudity in it, especially since it has footage of her photographing her children years ago, so if you are easily offended you probably should stay away.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you there Steve. I am a huge fan of Sally Mann and I've always wanted to see What Remains. As far as her latest piece, I would also agree that I'm not too fond of the subject matter but I love her processing technique, which seems very appropriate for the subjects she photographs for the piece. I tried to get hard cover of Immediate Family and ended up with the soft cover. I guess it doesn't matter what cover it's in, I just love that book. I will have to watch that documentary. Holla.