Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The first thing I had done on Saturday morning was to go to Zeeland for a Michigan Ropers Association Team Roping competition.  The of course, involves horses, cows and the ropers in an incredible ballet.  Everyone knows his/her place and role, including the cows.  Of course the cows get the short end of the stick and every once in a while complains about it.  

This is a timed competition over several heats where the shortest total time wins.   There is a supporting cast, with another person on a horse with a flag deciding when the second rope is attached.  There are also timers, and people handling the cows.  They do this at least twice a month over the summer and go inside when it starts getting too cold.  The logistics while well know are somewhat daunting.

This competition comes out of the old need to rope cows for branding.  While I'm not sure it is needed that much, at least in the midwest, I'm sure they need it somewhere.

I had went to one of these last year and got some great images.  I was planning on doing a photographic project on this subject during the summer, but things got in the way.  Hopefully next year.

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