Friday, September 5, 2008


After putting photos on for a couple weeks, I've decided to keep both of these blogs. This page will have some photography, but hopefully more written content as well. Since I like a black background for photography, but not for text, I've changed the look of this blog a little. For me at least, black text on a light background is easier to read. Hopefully you will agree. The look of this page will probably continue to evolve.

I've come to like the other site for posting photographs, though it has some warts. It's set up to currently only allow one photo per day. It would be hard to tell a multi photo story on that site. Additionally I keep track of the number of visitors to this page by using Google Analytics, for the other page, you have to buy a membership for that.

I also still struggle with color management on the web. Photos I upload, even though they are converted to jpeg, look different. Even under Safari, which supposedly honors color spaces where the other browsers I use do not.

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