Sunday, September 28, 2008


When I go to a new town lately, I don't buy a map like I used to. Now, I just go to Google maps and print out the directions I think I need. This works reasonable well if the places I need to go are within town or close by. If I need to go a ways away, they don't work quite as well. I've had a couple of instances, once today, where the map Google gave me, wasn't quite up to snuff. Oh, it got me there, but buy a route I probably wouldn't have taken if I had planned it myself.

I've also noticed on a few of the local routes, that the routes they give you are probably not the best way to get where you want to go. Once again, you get where you want to go, but you manage to see some scenery you wouldn't normally see.

The point to point directions Google or any other mapping company gives you also don't help if you decide to change your plans in the middle of the day. I think in the future I'll probably start buying maps again. At least that way I can double check where I think I'm going.

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