Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dorthea Lange

I've become a big fan of Dorthea Lange lately. My first exposure to her was her iconic image of the Migrant Mother during the great depression. Lately I've been reading a book about her work with the Japanese-Americans interned during WWII. Produced by the FSA and working under restrictions, such as she couldn't show barbed wire or armed guards, she managed to depict the injustice inflicted on these people in the name of security. Since it showed the internees in a favorable light, the photos were not published during the war and many have not been published yet.

I see another book about her has been released. Titled Daring to Look, it focuses on her work in 1939. Another book for the Christmas list. In fact, browsing Amazon has plenty of books available about her and her work.

There is also been an interview published with one of the children in the photo above. Reading it is an education of the differences in the attitudes of the people 65 years ago and today.

The above image was downloaded from the Library of Congress. A quick search did not turn up any rights reserved. This was taken under the auspices of the FSA and I believe that it is in the public domain.

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