Friday, December 5, 2008

Messy Portraits

I attended a portrait workshop this past Wednesday put on by the Grand Rapids Camera Club. I had my friends bring their daughter to it, so I could get some more formal photos for her senior pictures. I got some good photos, but it once again bought out my lack of experience in doing formal portraits. I understand the technical stuff, I can set up some basic shots, I just am not any darn good at instructing the photographee on what to do. I watched some of the other photographers interact with their models, and they were much better at it than I. I guess it's something to work on over the winter.

My excuse for the photo above? None, I just like it. Alison has such an infectious personality, that she made up for my lack of directing ability. Plus, once again we had fun.

I have to say though, that the photo looks better on the computer then it does in the browser. I keep telling myself I need to get a handle on color spaces for the web. One more thing to put on the list for this winter.....

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