Sunday, January 25, 2009

Looking at Last Year

I continue to go over my photography from last year. It's been slow, I'm only up to May or so. I'm trying to accomplish two things with this exercise. The first is to come up with my best work from the year. This will let me come up with images for a show later on in the year. The second reason is to winnow out the technically bad and duplicate photos. I have to admit to not doing a very good job on the second objective, but I'm making some progress.

I've also found photos that after looking at them I wonder why I didn't do anything with when I took it. So far I've found 5 or so that I plan on doing more work on once I finish this exercise. That is another reason I don't delete as many as I should. I'm wondering if I will go through this again in the future and I might find something else as my tastes change.

I had really hoped to complete this review by the end on the month, but it's beginning to look like I won't be able to get done until sometime in February. You may see a couple of the second look photos later on this spring.

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