Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mac Slide Show Software

I had a couple reasons to produce slide shows come up recently. I got roped into producing a short show for the local camera club, the program this month is a selection of members programs. The second reason is my nephew is getting married later in the year, and I've been asked to make a slide show to be displayed during the reception.

The last time I had to produce one of these, I used a program called SmoothShow, that ran on Windows XP. While it worked ok, there were a couple issues, including keeping the sound going while the program played. If I still used Windows a lot, I would just purchase ProShow Gold and be done with it. It's acknowledged, at least by everyone I talk to as the program to use for these sort of things. Well now I use a Mac, and for some reason Photodex doesn't make a copy of the program for Mac.

I spent some time trying to use iMovie 06, to create a slide show, but I really didn't care much for the interface nor the selection of transitions and effects it had. Adobes Lightroom created slideshows, but they have to run inside a Flash player on a browser. I need to create stand-alone type progams.

After searching around the web for quite a bit, I came across Boinx FotoMagic, I downloaded a trial version, and ended up purchasing it. It's easy to use, has the transitions I want and produces slideshows in a variety of formats. I ended up creating the slideshow I need for the club and uploaded it to YouTube.

Totally recommended if you need this type of program for the Mac.

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