Monday, March 16, 2009

Lake Michigan

We had a great day Sunday. Warm for March, sunny, blue skys and clouds. I went out and burned some film in my 4x5. After that, I drove to Saugatuck to look over Oval Beach on Lake Michigan. I had heard about the remains of old docks near the mouth of the Kalamazoo River. I wanted to look them over and see if I wanted to do a photo study of them. I got to the beach and found out that Lake Michigan was smooth as a mirror. Not exactly something you see much. Spent some time wandering the beach and photographing. There were the remains of several docks in the water, and extending up on the beach. I'll have to go back.

Since the water was so calm, I decided to drive up to Grand Haven and photograph the lighthouse at sunset. The water wasn't as calm when I first arrived, but by the time the sun set, it had calmed down. Unfortunately, the temperature dropped more than I expected also. By the time I left, it was quite cold. But I got some nice photos.

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