Saturday, May 16, 2009

Other Photographers

While photography is a primarily a solitary pursuit, I do like to get out with other photographers. It gives me a chance to learn from them and the company is usually pretty good also. Thursday I tagged along with Ron to Kalamazoo. He's one of the finalists in a contest for the Pure Michigan tourism ad campaign and is going after the main prize of $5000. He's been assigned Kalamazoo county and wanted to get some evening shots. Since he knows I like to do night photography, he kindly invited me along.

We got down there early evening, some two and a half hours before sunset. He had a list of photographs he wanted to work on, all concentrated on one street. He is primarily a landscape photographer, and I see now why he does such good work. He worked the subjects from several angles, and during different times of the evening. We talked about the light and how it changed. He has a ladder he carries with him and used that to get a higher viewpoint. We only photographed four subjects during the first two hours we were there, hopefully he got something he could use.

After that, we wandered down by Arcadia Creek for a bit. Ron tried to get a photo of a bachelorette party, but he was having some flash issues and they were antsy to move on. I took a couple of good photos of the area, but by then it was getting late.

I had a good time and I got some good pointers. Hopefully he'll invited me along again in the future.

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