Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SoFoBoMo - Reboot

It seems like I've been out photographing everything but my SoFoBoMo subject. I knew going in that I would have issues with the subject I picked, but I thought I could get by them. Here I am getting near the end of my 31 day period and I have nothing I want to publish. I have a few photos, but not enough for a book and frankly nothing I care to publish and put my name on.

So in the tradition of the summer blockbuster movies, I'm rebooting my project and going to one of my backup plans. A project I wanted to do this summer was to photograph the West Michigan fair grounds. County fairs still are a big deal around here, though not as much as they used to be. I've decided to move up that project and use it for my book. I had four fair grounds on my initial list, the Kent count, Ionia county, Allegan county and Muskegon county grounds. I hit Ionia this past weekend, not because it was closer than the rest, but because I had spent some time there recently and liked what I saw.

My initial feeling for this was to hit up each of the initial four fairgrounds and pick a 10 photos or so from each. My trip to Ionia produced far more photos than I expected though, so I may just go with the one fairground for the reboot. I'll have to try to figure out a sequence and start laying them out before I make the final decision. I may also go back to the fair grounds in the evening. I would like to get some photos of the signs lit up.

More once I've winnowed down what photos I've already taken.

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