Thursday, June 4, 2009

Festival of the Arts Opening Reception

The Festival opening reception was held last Friday. All the selected work was hung, the building would be open on Saturday and Sunday for people to start seeing the exhibit. Of course with Festival opening this weekend, it will be open again starting Friday and closing on Sunday.

There were several people I knew that also got accepted, and it was good catching up with them. There was a small buffet of finger foods and a cash bar also.

The photo of an abandoned church in Gary, Indiana was the one photo I was unsure of. I was pleasantly surprised when it got accepted. It also generated the most conversation of the three I entered.

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Aaron Boot said...

I'm surprised that you were surprised. That one entry had the most effect on me of the three you entered. There's so much going on in that image... it is a very beautiful capture and well composed.

I'm very envious of it, enter it in other competitions if you can.