Monday, July 6, 2009

Air Shows

There used to be an airshow in Kalamazoo. It was held at the local airport and usually there was a jet team. Since at the time I lived about 3 miles from the airport, I went every year. For a variety of reasons, they had to stop having an airshow and I hadn't been to one since.

We decided to head up to Traverse City this year for the Cherry Festival. One of the benefits was the air show that happens as part of the Festival. The performances are over the bay and it's easy to see from pretty much anywhere along the beach. I was somewhat disappointed not to see a jet team, but it turns out the Blue Angels only appear on even years. There were a few military jets that showed up, but even they were somewhat scarce. I remember during the first Iraq war, that the military were not appearing as much during events such as these due to commitments overseas, and I would imagine the same thing is happening now.

We had good weather and the spot we picked had a good view of the action. It was not really crowded, but that is usually expected when the Blue Angels are not appearing.

The only WW II fighter airplane that flew was the P 51. There may have been more, but the static displays were at the airport and we never had a chance to visit them. All in all, a good show, and we are already talking about going back next year.

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