Monday, July 13, 2009


I've not shot a whole lot of motor sports.  While I like the speed and the noise as much as anyone, I really don't care much to sit in the stands and watch for any length of time.  I did, however, have a good time at the motocross yesterday.  

Mike and I have been planning on going to a raceway and motocross arena in Grattan, Michigan for a bit.  We finally were able to attend.  We spent most of the time wandering around the motocross area.  While a long lens helps, we were able to get close enough to see some great action and get some really good photos.

The racetrack across the road had motorcycle races going on also.  We didn't get tickets to get on to the track, but we could see, and hear the racers through the protective fence.  I tried a couple panning shots while they were zooming by, but no such luck.  I heard later, that the racers were hitting close to 150 mph on the straightaways.     

It was dusty, noisy and the smell of exhaust was everywhere.  A big crowd, with lots of chances for people and action photographs.  What more does one want?  Another venue I'm planning to go photograph again.

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