Thursday, July 2, 2009

Movie Mode

Wandering around a local blues concert last evening, I noticed two local photographers following a local musician around. While this normally wouldn't be that interesting, I noticed that instead of simply photographing the person, they were using their cameras as video cameras instead.

I know that the convergence of still and video photography is supposed to be the next big thing. However I still don't get it. Bye the time you add on all the accessories that you need to become really effective to a dslr, you might as well have just bought a separate video camera. The only time I can figure out that you would only want a dslr is if you were also shooting still photos. From what I could see they were not doing that.

For example, I noticed that neither of the two photographers were using stedi-cam rig. This is a device that allows you to move with the camera and dampens camera shake. No matter how steady a had you have, you're still going to have percebtible movement in the video without one. Maybe they wanted that. Maybe the in camera image stableization is an effective substitute.

One of the photogs is a well known local photographer, and I follow his blog. Hopefully he will post some outtakes and we will be able to see what they've come up with. Meanwhile, it's not for me.

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