Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wake Wars

A local restaurant chain sponsored a wakeboarding contest in a parking lot downtown this past weekend.  They hauled in three pools of water for the wakeboarding part, a bunch of sand for beach volleyball and closed off a nearby street for a BMX bike demo area.  There were other activities available as well and of course plenty to eat and drink.  I headed down Sunday evening and spent a couple of hours.  While the weather was on the cool side, the event was well attended and there were plenty of photographic opportunities.  Of course there was the opportunity to get wet also.  I got splashed a little bit, a couple of spectators were soaked. 

This was billed as the first annual event.  Since there are plans be the owners of the restaurant to build in the parking lot, I'm wondering where they will move it too.  Hopefully it will be back in the future.

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