Thursday, September 3, 2009


I'm a sucker for an interesting doorway. I'm not sure why, but I like them anyway. I found a bunch the first day I was out in London. A few are below.

I ended up getting turned around and while I was walking, I came across the one above. It was down a little side street, and next to the ones below. The sun was out and while I was waiting for good light, I got a couple strange looks from people walking by.

While I was waiting, a lady asked me what I was waiting for. Once I told her, she explained that this building had been a childrens hospital that had been converted to flats. They kept the original decorations.

A close up of one of the doorway decorations.

The other.

There are a bunch of old churches in the city, all with interesting, to me at least, details.

Another doorway at St. James.

More later. I hope you are enjoying these.

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