Monday, November 2, 2009

New Camera

I ended up buy a new camera, to me that is. I picked up a used Mamiya 645 medium format film camera on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago. I've been looking for a medium format camera for a bit, but the prices were always more than I wanted to pay. Either that, or by the time I got back to the person, it was already sold.

This one popped up on the site, and while the format really wasn't what I wanted, it was too good a deal to pass up. Instead of the square 6x6 format that I had been looking for, this one is a rectangular 4.5x6 cm format.

It sat for a week while I was busy with other stuff, but I got a chance to take it out a week ago. I went through 2 and a half rolls of film and finally got some developed yesterday. I like what I see on the negatives, but I need to learn more about scanning. Either that or set up the darkroom so I can print them the old fashioned way.

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Michael Mitchell said...

I know where there is a enlarger and darkroom sink for free.