Sunday, February 7, 2010


Mike and I made it out with the cameras Saturday. The plan was to hit the Allegan area to photograph. I knew of an old power turbine by the river, right near the downtown dam and old steel framed bridge. We wandered near that area for a bit and then hit the fairgrounds. There were some old city buildings that had been moved onto the fairgrounds as well as all the animal pens and buildings for the annual fair. We got a few photos apiece, but I was mainly interested in what the grounds looked like. I'm planning my annual Solo Photo Book Month Project (sofobomo) around the fair grounds of West Michigan. Since the project doesn't actually start until June this year, I have plenty of time to plan.

We wandered through a few of the smaller towns on our way home, and came across this abandoned house. Broken windows, the doors open to the winds and snow. We stopped of course. While I was inside photographing, I started thinking of the people who used to live there. Whether they ever expected their house to look like this when they first moved in. The upstairs had an interesting wallpaper, and one of the bedrooms was painted a bright blue. I admit I like photographing urban decay, but I wonder what it takes for someone to walk away from a place like this.

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