Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Quiet Time

Things have quieted down a bit photographically for me the last couple of weeks. My real job has picked up a bit and will continue to do so for the next two weeks. It's spring here or at least feels like it, so spring cleaning is starting to rear its ugly head also. Photographically, I sort of feel like the lifeguard stand in the photo above, just waiting for something to happen.

I am making plans though. Worldwide Pinhole Day is April 25th this year and I really want to get out and photograph a lot. I'm planning on building either a 4x5 film pinhole or a 8x10 photo paper pinhole out of foamcore and get out that day. I've also been looking at Stephen Schaub's handheld pinhole photos and I'm wondering how he did it. I may have to try it. I do like the soft dreamy, almost impressionistic look to his stuff. I'm also fascinated by the handmade Japanese paper he's printing on. I need to look at whether he's making it or buying it.

The annual local Festival of the Arts is coming up the first of June. I want to enter the arts competition again this year and I need to get in gear and pick out what I want to enter. Usually I wait too long and I'm scurrying around trying to get ready. I want to be a little more organized this year.

Of course there are other things in the works. Projects and plans I want to do. Hopefully a good portion of them will work, but I would rather have ideas I can't do, than no ideas at all.

The photo above was taken the first weekend in March at the beach in Michigan City, Indiana. I kind of wish I would have gone landscape mode with a wide angle to emphasize the feeling I was getting. Maybe next time.

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