Saturday, April 17, 2010

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry, best known for his 1985 National Geographic cover was in town Friday to talk at a local college. While I was unable to go to the talks, I was able to go to a gallery opening and book signing he attended at the college. His latest book, "The Unguarded Moment", looked like a book I would like to have, and I always like to have the photographer sign them when possible.

I got there about a half hour after it started and to my surprise, they where out of what stock of books they had received. I decided to head down to the local bookstores to see if I could pick up a copy of one of his books. Well, someone else also had the same idea, and had already picked up the only copy. I did find a copy of the 2001 National Geographic that had the article and photos of his search and finding the Afghan Girl at the local Bargain Books. I picked that up for a dollar and got the photographer to sign it.

I looked at the works on the wall, and after the signing was over, I talked for a few moments with Mr. McCurry. A very engaging individual, he was very pleasant and willing to answer questions. He's photographed all over the world, but has primarily stuck to Asia. No, before anyone asks, I did not ask what equipment he uses, though at one point I overheard someone else ask the question. I didn't hear the answer and I really didn't care.

The photographs, as usual, are much better in person, than printed in a magazine or a book. I recognized several photos that I had seen, but I hadn't realized who the photographer was. Once I've thought about them for a bit, I plan on going back and seeing the exhibit again before it closes. I believe it is open until April 24th.

The photo above was taken with my iPhone, because I had been silly enough to leave my camera in the car.

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Kelly said...

I am sorry I had to miss it. If you go back to see it again, I would be interested in going with you.