Saturday, May 22, 2010

Holland South Pier

I've always taken photos of the lighthouse in Holland from the state park on the north pier. I knew how to get to the state park, and I had heard that access to the lighthouse had been denied by the condos that were built around it.

I read that changed and I wanted to figure out how to get to the south pier. I hadn't seen many photos of the lighthouse from that angle, and I definitely wanted one.

It turns out it's easy. For those that don't know, take South Shore Drive in Holland until you run into the end of it. There will be a guard shack with a gate into the condominiums. If you're lucky, the guard will be on duty and let you in. There are 4 parking spots available for lighthouse visitors. If you're unlucky like me, you find an open parking spot with someone's name on it and hope they don't show up. Once you're parked, follow the signs, through the condos until you get to the lighthouse. It is about a 15 minute or so walk, depending on how much gear you're carrying.

I had dragged both my 4x5 and my digital cameras with me, but I had misjudged the light. I only got a couple of photos with my 4x5 before it started to get dark enough that I stopped. It didn't help that the battery in my exposure meter went out, and I didn't have my spare with me. I set up my digital camera and grabbed a couple photos and waited for the light to get right. The sunset was unspectacular, though any sunset on the lake is good. I talked to a couple of people who walked by, and as the sunset went on, I got the usual question. What are you waiting for? As usual, I tell them I'm waiting for the sky to darken up a bit. The lighthouse came on and the sky darkened up enough for me to start getting photos I liked.

I eventually called it quits and as I was walking out, I looked back. There was enough light in the sky that the lighthouse was silhouetted with the lights on in the windows. I set my camera up and grabbed a few more photos, which turned out to be my favorites of the evening.

Always turn around and look behind you. You never know what photos you would be missing otherwise.


Anonymous said...

nice pic!!!

Katie Weller said...

Words to live by! And happy birthday, sir. :)