Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A group is trying to create a skateboarding park for the Grand Rapids area. They held a contest downtown at Rosa Parks Circle this past Sunday to raise money for creating the park. There was an entry fee for the skaters, a raffle and various other forms of fund raising.

It's entertaining to watch the abuse some of these people do to themselves. They will do the same stunt over and over again, usually with the same result. Falling on hard concrete. Once in a while, someone will make it and there will be some applause. Usually just a big smile on the face of the person who made it.

The competitors where all male also. Usually there is one or two female skateboarders, especially in a slightly younger crowd, but not this time. A few girlfriends and mothers on the fringes, but not many.


Kim said...

these are awesome shots! I remember when that was the Ampetheatre (sp) and we would hang out down there all the time with my skater boyfriend :) They used to have steps and rails all in there and those guys had so much fun! Back when I was a young teen! :)

Anonymous said...

nice! you should think about adding photography tips, such as lighting, subject matter, etc.