Monday, July 26, 2010

Carnival Time!

I know this has been a bit quite lately, I have the usual excuses, not enough time and too much going on.

Mike had me up in Sparta a week ago for the local celebration. While I couldn't go to the events earlier in the day, I did make it up for the carnival on Saturday evening. A smaller carnival that I expected, it kind of snaked around town, between buildings and through parking lots. Not a whole lot of places to set up a tripod to get photos.

After thinking about it a bit, and trying a couple of things, I decided to just hand hold the camera with a wide angle lens instead. This changed the way I would normally photograph a carnival. Since the lens is so wide, you have to be really close to your subject, and the lens distortion will still give a sense of space that really isn't there. For example, the photo of the game where they are trying to win candy, I was almost leaning over the game board. It's kind of nice, since you can point the lens almost forty five degrees away from someone and still get a photo of them.

I like the way these turned out and I'm going to use this more often in the future.

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I like the way they turned out too