Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not So Happy.

I've been going through the photographs I've taken so far this year, and I haven't been very happy.

I pigeonhole my photography, rightly or wrongly, into two types, people/event photography and quiet/contemplative photography. While I like the people photography a lot, and I'm planning on doing more, I don't really consider printing it and hanging it on the wall. That role falls on the quiet photography.

I've found myself this year not having the time to go out and study a scene or area, and coming up with photographs that I would consider more artsy. I know that this is my definition, and I saw plenty of other definitions at ArtPrize this year. However it's the definition I've pretty much stuck with for a while.

I look at my people photography from fairs and festivals around town and aside from a very few exceptions, would not print them and hang them individually. I don't feel they are strong enough to stand on their own. If I did a show, I might consider doing them as a theme for the hanging or whole show.

Hopefully the things that have kept me preoccupied over the past half year have quieted down, and I can find some time to get out with the camera and find some more quiet photographs.

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