Friday, November 5, 2010

Photographer George Lepp

Well known photographer, author and Canon Explorer of Light George Lepp was in town yesterday. One of the local camera stores was having its annual Canon Days, and he came to speak. I've attended a couple of speakers they've brought in for this, and in the past they have been really good.

While Mr. Lepp is a good speaker and has good work, I really didn't care for his talk. The entire two hours was about the various kinds of way to create panoramic photos from digital photos. He touched a bit about High Dynamic Range photography and video toward the end, but it seemed to me to be all about gear and process. Nothing about what has been called vision, how to become more creative or even what he was thinking about behind the photographs he did show.

He heavily pushed gear. He mentioned specific different vendors, with models and prices at least 6 times during the presentation. This was the most disappointing part of the seminar. It seemed he was just selling equipment. I'm not sure if they all sponsor him or not, but I would at least liked to have had some disclosure.

He did have some good points, but I wish he would have geared them toward his audience rather than the way he works. I really doubt many people have to create 5 ft. by 20 ft. photos.

I did manage to get his new book signed. I had brought my own copy with me, and I was glad I did. Other photographer have boxes of books shipped in and do a book signing after a talk. He only had a small stack of books the local camera store secured and they managed to run out early. He is a very engaging speaker and quite willing to answer questions.

I just wish he would have talked less about gear.

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