Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Swans, Beaver, and a new Puppy. What more do you want?

Kelly was gracious enough this past Sunday to show me some of her photo spots in the Jenison area. I had mentioned an overheard talk about a pair of Bald Eagles flying around the area, and she knew where they spent a lot of time. We met mid-afternoon and drove to the site. An old gravel pit surrounded by trees and rusting machinery. A couple of signs prohibiting hunting and off-road vehicles, but that was it. We wandered around the area a bit, and did get a far off glimpse of an immature eagle, but it wasn't really close enough to get a photo.

We hopped back in the car and drove down the road. It dead ended and while I was turning around, we noticed a sign proclaiming it a county park/recreation area. Kelly had never been there, so we got out and walked around.

The first think we noticed was what looked like evidence of beaver in the area. We found a lot of trees like the above, one or two with the bark just girdled and one gnawed halfway through. We talked to a fisherman who mentioned they had heard what sounded like a tail slap of the animal, so we walked around a bit to get acquainted with the area. We never did find the animal, but we did find a lot more photographic possibilities.

We did see a set of swans, some of them still had brown on the wings which means they are immature birds.

Generally a beautiful area to photograph and not too far from home. I've been looking for a place to do a project on, with some water and woodlands close to me, and I think this will work.

I did promise a photo of our new puppy. Here it is. Meet Annie. A 12 week old Golden Retriever pup, you will probably see some more of her here and there. Not a lot, but she will turn up now and again. She came with us for the walk, and seemed to really enjoy it. Kelly was walking her, while I was photographing, and the dog slipped the leash once. Rather than run away, she headed straight for me. A good thing to know, I can worry a bit less when I take her out with me in the future.


Anonymous said...

very cute!!! Love her!! *the puppy* LOL

Kim said...

awesome! Hey Steve your puppy looks like you ;) :)))