Sunday, January 16, 2011

Old Cars and Outhouses...

I was invited out to Pine Bend Park in Ottawa County a week ago Saturday. While that day was turning out to be a busy one, I wanted to see this park. Ron had shown me photos of an old car with a tree across it, and we were going out to photograph it.

We met at 8 am, just before sunrise. I could only stay an hour before I had to leave. My Wednesday morning breakfast buddies, Ron and Mearl showed up soon after. We walked down by the car and started photographing. Not only was the car there,as promised, but an old boarded up house, along with an outhouse was alongside. A foundation of another house was a hundred feet or so away.

We ended up photographing for an hour before I had to leave. Since it was somewhat under 10 degrees, I was somewhat glad to get back in the car and get the heater going. It turns out the other guys didn't stay much longer.

Once I got out of the park, the morning sun appeared, the first sun we had seen in a week. On the way home, I noticed fields full of snow fog. I really wanted to stop and get some more photos, but it was not to be.

I want to go back to get some more photos of the car. I also need to explore the surrounding area also, it looked like there would be a lot of other photos to be captured.

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