Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WYCE Jammies

A take off on the Grammy's, a local radio station host an annual award show called the Jammie's. WYCE, a local station that plays mostly local music, hosted its twelfth annual awards show at the Intersection Tuesday night.

Admission was free, and twenty bands played on 2 stages. All different types of music, blues, jazz, rock and folk. I decided to go for the first time and took a camera. Not knowing what to expect, I went light, just a camera with a 85 mm lens on it. I figured out later that I could have brought a lot more equipment in if I wanted, but actually what I took was enough. I didn't stay for the whole show, only a little over two hours. I got to hear a lot of good music though, and ran into a bunch of people I know.

I'm already planning on going next year, it's a good break from the winter blahs.


Pete said...

Nice shots!

Pete said...

PS here's the music WYCE plays: