Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gary 2010 Trip

As usual, I'm behind on getting the film I shoot, developed. I started trying to catch up yesterday, it was a dreary day with promise of rain or snow. While it ended up only sprinkling a little bit, it was still good to stay in and get started on this.

I have about 10 rolls of medium format film and a bunch of 4x5 film to do. My first roll of medium format film was from a trip a bunch of us took to Gary almost a year ago. I hadn't realized I was so far behind. All were taken with a handheld Mamiya 645 using Kodak Tri-X 320. A lot of blurry images on the roll, but some good stuff as well.

I did a batch of 4x5 as well. At least these are from this year. A set of images from the Midwest Large Format group trip to Milwaukee. I'm waiting to see what else comes out before I start posting some of those.

I'm still amazed by the images I get out of black and white film. They just have a quality I've been unable to get out of digital stuff. Not better, but different enough I want to keep using more film.

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