Saturday, August 25, 2012

Update and the Hudsonville Fair

Sorry you haven't heard much from me lately. For some reason I've been having issues with uploading photos from my laptop. Now I've got that solved, blogspot is still not working right for me. 

 In case you're curious, my talk at the SWMCCC Summer of Photography Conference went quite well. My most crowded day was Friday afternoon, where I had over 20 people show up to listen. The other two days, I had about 10. However that is normal, there is a lot of photography related stuff going on, and people tell me the Saturday and Sunday talks are always not as well attended. My talk went about an hour with questions, so I made it the correct length. I had a great weekend, and I hope they invite me back to talk next year. 

A reminder.  I've been posting a lot of my photographs on Facebook.  I try to get one a day.  Come see my page and 'like' it.  I'm also on twitter, and google+.

I have been out photographing a bit as well. These are from a night at the Hudsonville Fair. Of course a rural fair has to have a carnival, and I like night shots. There was a meetup where a group of folks met and gabbed for a bit, and then everyone went and photographed. A great night. I like this impromptu portrait. A bit soft, but it still has a feel I like. 

The line at the "1001 Nights" Ride.

A line of chairs at a "Game of Chance", yeah right.  I still liked the colors of the chairs in the lights of the carnival.

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Anonymous said...

glad your talk went well, love the photos!! If I ever join facebook again I will definitely "like" your page!