Sunday, October 21, 2012

More Historic Processes

     If you've been following me for a while, you know I'm into what is called Alternative or Historic processes. These are photographic processes that have fallen out of favor as newer ones have come on the scene. Here are a couple I've been working on. The first is an older photo of Montana Marie I took a couple of years ago in a stairwell in an abandoned church in Gary, Indiana. It's been one of my favorite photos since I couldn't resist printing it in a process called Cyanotype. You may call it the old blueprint process if you remember that. I could have toned it to remove the blue, but I like it this way.

     This next one was taken several years ago at a Michigan Calf Roping event. The process is called Van Dyke Brown and produces a reddish-brown print. Once again, these can be toned, which this one is.  The toning takes it from a reddish-brown to a darker brown.  I really didn't care much for this process, but I've been changing my mind. A acquaintance of mine is doing a series of 16x20 of photos he took overseas in this process and they are mind boggling. I may have to do more with this. My major complaint is the development process can take quite a while, while sometimes it can be a little too red for my tastes if you don't tone the print.  Which adds to the time.

     I'm currently working on a 4 color gum bichromate print. This is a color print created using water colors added to a light sensitive solution and negatives. Somewhat slow and a lot of different options for how simple it sounds.  I'm trying to do a 4 color print of a rowboat I took in Maine last year.   Hopefully I will have something to show you soon.

I hope your fall has been great so far.   More later.

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Kelly Walkotten said...

Some day I am going to try some alternative printing processes!