Monday, March 3, 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Originally an alien invasion movie made in the 50's starring Michael Rennie. Actually the invasion was one spaceship containing a man and a robot. Seen by a lot of people as an allegory for the cold war, it is still a classic. I have a copy on dvd and I still pull it out now and again, or if I happen across it on the tv, I usually stop and watch it.

Now it's being remade and is starring Keanu Reeves in the Michael Rennie role. I can't believe it will be as good and I actually agree with a couple comments I've read about maybe Keanu should play the robot.

While I actually like some of his (Keanu's) work, I wish he would stop remaking science fiction movies. They usually just don't turn out right.

I hope I'm wrong about how this turns out, but I'm afraid I won't be. It's supposed to be released in early December.

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