Friday, May 9, 2008

Disposable Digital Cameras?????

The latest thing going around, at least in this area, seems to be taking photos with disposable cameras. It divorces you from the fancy electronics, lens and high pixel count sensors. Plus it can be fun.

Some local flickr folks decided to have one yesterday and I attended. While I was out buying a camera at CVS, I came across the disposable digital camera. While I had heard about these, this was the first time I really thought about them. You pay $19.99 for one. Processing is not included and you do not get the camera back to reuse. Essentially, you are paying the twenty bucks to rent it for a while. This really doesn't make sense to me and I'm wondering who buys these. I know there is a way you can hack them to make them reusable, and that is probably driving the price up.

It would seem to me a better business model would be to return the camera and make your money on processing. It would seem to be better for the environment also.

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