Monday, July 7, 2008


I'm catching up on developing my large format film backlog. While overall the exposure looks ok, I'm still having problems getting compositions I care for. I need to pay more attention to that while I'm actually taking the photos.

The upper photo is of the local veterans cemetery. Mike and I were out photographing it on the morning of July 4th. The lower photo is a crop of a photo I took at my brothers house. He has a beat up old F-6 dump truck out in the field in back of his house.

I took several photos at both places, but my composition problems mean I will have to go back and redo some of them.

After looking at this post, the cemetery photo is somewhat small. If you click on it you will get a larger version.

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Katie Weller said...

That reminds me -- I still have to get my disposable camera film developed. I'm afraid... :-)